Having spent the summer testing and perfecting our recipes; we are proud to present our first brands that will head up our range for launch.

We feel we have come up with 3 great beers to appeal to a variety of tastes. First up, we have, Proud Hill, named for our home town. A light, Blonde Ale, Proud Hill is made with Citra hops to deliver a refreshing, fruity flavour which has proved very popular during our testing process.

Next up is, Big In Japan, which is a Red Ale with a more malty flavour than our Blonde, but which is infused with Brambling Cross hops to provide a surprising and pleasant fruity finish.

And last but not least, we have Self Made Maniac, a Best Bitter, named in homage to local band, China Drum. Our Bitter is made with a combination of English Fuggles hops, which provide a malty tone and refreshing bitterness, and Pacifica hops, added late in the process to give a subtle orange marmalade finish.

We would like to thank all those who have taken part in the testing process and provided valuable feedback. We are looking in to additions to our range all the time and will keep you all informed on developments. In the meantime, more information on our current range can be found by clicking here.